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Continuous casting and other steel industry industrial grease

 Today to discuss with you about continuous casting and other steel industry industrial grease. Most iron and steel equipment is exposed to dust, water, high temperature and other extreme conditions, and continues to work under full load. From ironmaking to heating, it has been in high temperature conditions, and releases radiant heat to industrial equipment. In addition, refrigeration dirt and rust mix, creating a harsh environment. According to the investigation: in the smelter safety accident proportion, bearing common faults are more, so it is necessary to further improve the characteristics of bearing grease. When the sintering machine is running, the continuous sinter car wheel bearing is very easy to mix with dust.

At present, this kind of bearing has been sealed and has a service life of 2 ~ 4 years. However, because the total number of bearings is very large, there will be dozens of bearings in one sintering machine and equipment. If one bearing is abnormal, it is likely to make the whole machine and equipment stop working, so it is necessary to improve the performance and stability of grease, and develop and design excellent performance grease consistent with the sealing of bearings. The fat selection of ester as the base oil price, polyurea waterproof for thickening agent, the application of 6 months later, according to ferrography analysis: greatly reduced damage, by microscope observation, imprinting and separation is also very little, the use period increased, the actual effect is significant. At this stage, it has replaced the original sintering machine grease. The transmission gear coupling is used to drive part of the key machine equipment such as hot rolling strip steel and thick steel plate rolling equipment. If there is any abnormality, the production line will stop working.

Common faults are mostly caused by damage and sintering caused by poor lubrication and grease leakage. Therefore, grease with excellent abrasion resistance, sintering resistance and leakage resistance must be developed and designed. The most important problem of lubricating grease for transmission gear coupling is leakage resistance. Scientific research has found that low molecular weight high pressure polyethylene has reasonable leakage resistance, while high molecular weight polymer will aggravate leakage. No matter hot tie or hot rolling, a lot of cooling circulating water is used, so hot rolling strip motor shaft bearings are in the condition of water infiltration, most of the motor shaft bearings are lubricated with grease. When the grease used before is mixed with water, it is very easy to flow out, and the adhesion of the bearing running surface decreases, the lubrication characteristics are greatly reduced, and it is very prone to common faults. Therefore, a new type of grease with good adhesion on the running surface is developed and designed, which can make the mixed water dispersed in a small way, avoid the poor lubrication caused by the shrinking water on the running surface of bearings, the stable consistency of mortar is not easy to leak. The lipid is a mixture of aromatic amine biureas. Experimental results show that: under the harsh condition of water content of 30%, compared with the previous grease, the wear rate is only about 1/7 of the previous wear rate, which greatly improves the lubrication characteristics. The concrete application experiment shows that the application of the grease on the hot strip bearing of the hot rolling mill can reduce the disassembly and replacement of the bearing by half within 2 years and obtain remarkable practical effect.

In addition, the continuous casting bearing waterproof grease has also done scientific research, it is estimated that the future will be developed and designed again steel equipment waterproof grease. In order to avoid fire accidents and prevent high-temperature components of steel production equipment from contacting directly with flammable grease, some countermeasures are adopted from the perspective of machinery and equipment. However, from the perspective of grease, it is also desirable to choose grease that can be quickly destroyed even if fire occurs. The heating and igniting experiments of various greases show that urea grease will be extinguished immediately even if it catches fire, while metal soap grease will keep igniting after it catches fire. However, urea grease tends to ignite with low thickening dose, while metal soap-based grease igniting regardless of thickening dose increase or decrease, that is, combustion is irrelevant to the amount of thickening agent.

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