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Modern steelmaking requirements for grease

 With the progress of The Times, steelmaking technology is more and more advanced, and the requirements for grease are higher and higher. The operation of modern steelmaking furnace is controlled by computer and has a high degree of automation. The equipment used requires corresponding lubricating system and lubricant. Here are a few examples to discuss briefly.

The first is the oxygen blowing converter equipment, the oxygen blowing converter is supported by the limit rotary shaft, the support rolling bearings are lubricated with lithium molybdenum disulphide grease, hydrostatic bearings and polytetrachloroethylene oil pad, but also can be lubricated with other high temperature grease. Bof drive gear medium load or heavy load industrial gear oil lubrication. The main auxiliary equipment such as exhaust fan, motor, charging crown and crane have many lubrication points, which are lubricated with the corresponding grease dry oil lubrication system, and the driving gear is commonly used for oil bath lubrication.

The next example is the continuous casting machine. The rolling bearings of continuous casting machine including casting machine turntable, crown block, casting oscillator and ingot table are under high temperature, and are generally lubricated by compound aluminum base grease. Lubrication of the molds is used to prevent wear and bonding of the molds. The hydraulic medium of continuous casting is usually water-glycol type or phosphate type medium.

In conclusion, different equipment has different use environments and different bearings, so it is necessary to choose the right grease, rather than the cheap inferior grease.

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